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You are the future of Pilates!

Our Pilates Mat teacher training program is carefully curated, with the combined
wisdom of our world-class instructors.

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Pilates changed our life. We are ready to pass that forward. We want Pilates to touch more lives the way it has ours, and we know you get it!

Our vision is to develop and cultivate relationship-based processes for holistic health professionals to improve and enrich client health outcomes together, in sustainable ways.

We want you to be a part of our mission.

Reimagine Your Teaching Practice

True wellness begins with inner health, and living a balanced life that acknowledges and embraces the unique complexities of each individual is the most effective path to good health. Our aim has always been to assist our diverse client base in achieving this goal by offering personalized, holistic healthcare.
We are frustrated with the prevalence of oversimplified and trendy approaches to health and wellness that often discourage people from pursuing their health goals. Instead, we strive to offer a person-centered approach to healthcare that emphasizes each client’s individual needs and circumstances.
Now we are bringing that same ethos to our teacher training.

Expert Trainers

Our team of truly passionate teacher trainers each has 10+ years of Pilates teaching experience.

theSTUDIO MIssion

We aim to help you achieve this by providing a holistic approach to Pilates and teaching.

Person Approach

We’ll explore an extensive program to help you develop a personalized teaching practice.

"Exceptional! Cathryn is extremely knowledgeable and left me feeling confident as I head into the regular class schedule. She's also very warm and friendly, a complete joy to train with! If you're curious about Pilates and want to learn how to reap its benefits with proper technique, then I highly recommend one-on-one training with Cathryn and classes at The Studio. Added bonus: The vibe at The Studio is fabulous-warm and relaxing!"

Bella Sutton

Why theStudio?

theStudio is a place to explore and surpass the perceived limits of our capabilities.
We pride ourselves on offering a safe place to cultivate your self-discovery.
At theStudio we welcome your whole being, as you are in this moment.

Our Pilates Mat Program is for You if:

You are an aspiring Pilates teacher ready to take our twenty years of experience forward into the future of Pilates.
If you’re a beginner in Pilates, we’ll provide you with expert foundations to kickstart your journey.
You are a Pilates teacher as dedicated to your ongoing development as we are, ready to conquer your next level.

Our Integrative Methodology

Our Pilates Mat teacher training program was mindfully crafted with the combined expertise of our world-class instructors, trained by the best Pilates programs in the country with over twenty years of movement teaching experience.

Our curriculum was built meticulously to ensure that you will leave this program with confidence in your applicable skills as a Pilates Mat instructor and the knowledge to support you in taking your career forward with a safe and well-rounded teaching practice rooted in a heart-centered, holistic approach to each individual and their specific needs.

What's included? (32 Lecture Hours )

As a Pilates teacher, it’s imperative to have a good understanding of anatomy in order to properly teach your students how to move and exercise safely. In this program you will learn:

  • To identify and describe the function of the muscles
  • Name and describe the movements of each joint 
  • Biomechanics: This is the study of how the body moves and functions. As a Pilates teacher, you should have a good understanding of biomechanics and how it applies to Pilates exercises. This includes concepts such as stability, mobility, and proper alignment.
  • Posture: identify common postural imbalances and provide corrective exercises to improve posture
  • Learn and understand the anatomy of the respiratory system and how breathing affects movement

Pilates teaching involves guiding students through a series of movements and exercises designed to improve strength, flexibility, and posture. Cueing refers to the verbal and non-verbal instructions given to students to help them understand and perform each exercise correctly.

  • Describe choreography and biomechanics through concise cues
  • Demonstrate the movement
  • Use visual imagery
  • Include tactile cueing with client’s permission
  • Provide constructive feedback and encouragement to keep clients engaged

Understanding the origins and evolution of the practice allows instructors to better teach their students and to appreciate the depth and richness of the method.

Pilates exercises can be modified in various ways to accommodate different levels of fitness, injuries, and physical limitations. You’ll learn how to:

  • Use a variety of props
  • Increase or reduce range of motion
  • Use or decrease support
  • Choose low-impact options
  • Adjust the intensity
  • Modify for specific populations

Learn the entire Pilates Mat repertoire as taught by Joseph Pilates. Including preparatory exercises, advancements, and the importance of following his original sequence of exercises.

Must observe 10 hours of a combination of classes, and privates.

Must attend 13 hours of classes, and or privates at theStudio (paid for separately).

Must assistant teach 3 classes.

Must teach 10 hours.

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"Cathryn is the best of the best! Every class leaves me wanting more! Pilates has truly changed the way I carry myself and move through gravity."

Margaret Harper

Our Team

Our team of world-class instructors and holistic professionals is 100% committed to providing you with a one-of-a-kind personalized experience while guiding your journey of meeting and exceeding your personal goals.

Cathryn Costello

Teacher and Founder

Cathryn Costello, founder of theStudio has dreamed of creating a business in which healers of all types work together to find solutions to each clients’ unique health and life goals. theStudio is the beginning of making her dream a reality.

Darcy Neumann


As a mom, wife, animal and nature lover, yogi and shaman I invite you to explore your own unique unfolding, through profound wisdom and trust of yourSelf. I believe our choices are a reflection of who we are BEING on the inside. And, when we stumble in life the medicine lies in how you recreate our life from those challenges.

Alexandra Puetz

Organizer Extordinaire

Alexandra Puetz graduated from high school in 2021 and attended one year of nursing school at NDSCS. She is a volunteer EMT and has experience in emergency medicine. Her background in Ag sales and performance make her an exceptional communicator.

Phillip Edwards

Culinary Genius

Chef Phillip has a flair for making food that is not only healthy, but colorful and delicious! His creations will be available at the studio and in his cooking workshops.

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